Floor Stands

Floor Stands
Adjustable-Height Floor Stands

Item  Description Qty/Unit
43476-P2 Built-in Regulator Minifold Adjustable Floor Stand with 4 polycarbonate casters, use with 1500mL and 2000mL canisters 1/Case

Single and In-Line Floor Stands
(Use with 1500 mL and 2000 mL RECEPTAL Canisters)

Item Description Qty/Unit
43432-01 Tandem Floor Stand, stainless steel with rollers, conductive casters. 1/Case
43447-01 In-Line Quad Floor Stand, stainless steel with rollers, conductive casters, use with 1500 mL and 2000 mL RECEPTAL canisters 1/Case




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