IV3000 is a moisture responsive transparent film dressing specifically designed to meet the needs of catheter fixation and to keep the catheter site dry. Independent clinical experts have proven IV3000 to offer safe, secure and cost effective catheter fixation and believe it to be “a technological advance for IV site care”.

The 1-Hand delivery system provides quick and easy aseptic application in a variety of sizes and shapes, for both ported and non-ported peripheral and central line applications.


Reduces risk of infection by preventing moisture accumulation

The patented REACTICà film in IV3000 has a unique molecular structure which is significantly more permeable to water vapour than ordinary films. This prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the dressing so reducing bacterial growth and the risk of catheter-related infection1.

Minimises unscheduled dressing changes

The higher permeability of IV3000 keeps the skin drier so improving adherence and reducing the number of unscheduled dressing changes.

Strong conformable and breathable construction ensures security and patient comfort

IV3000 is kind to the patient’s skin. Its low allergy adhesive and highly permeable REACTIC film help prevent skin maceration or irritation and result in improved patient comfort1. The handle on the ported dressings is designed to complement the properties of the REACTIC film, and due to the fabric reinforcement allows good security of the more challenging catheter without compromising conformability to the skin.

Bacterial and Waterproof Barrier

Both the REACTIC film and handle are impermeable to bacteria which means they protect the site against extrinsic contamination and allow the patient to shower with the dressing in-situ1.

User friendly application and removal

The 1-Hand delivery system allows the dressing to be positioned accurately over the catheter providing quick, easy, aseptic, application. It also allows the dressing to be applied with one hand if required leaving the other hand free to stabilise the catheter or patient. The unique grid pattern adhesive makes dressing removal easier than with ordinary films as it reduces the risk of skin trauma and leaves less adhesive residue on the patient’s skin.

Convenient visual inspection

IV3000 is transparent and so allows regular inspection of the venepuncture site for signs of infection or phlebitis without the need for dressing removal.

Suitable for dressing central, peripheral, epidural, and paediatric catheters.


IV3000 should be used on IV sites only. If a film dressing is required for open wounds such as pressure sores, burns or donor sites, OPSITEà FLEXIGRIDà should be used.


Use on prepared dry skin only.

Ordering Information

Code Size  Qty/Ctn Recommended Indications
4654 5cm x 4cm 100 Paediatric/peripheral
4007 6cm x 7cm  100 Peripheral
4006 7cm x 9cm ported 100 Pheripheral/central
4008 10cm x 12cm   50  Central
66004009 9cm x 12cm 50  Central/jugular



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