RECEPTAL Safgard Liners include a built-in, prefilled
germicide vial for a fully closed liner, designed to protect
against contamination exposure for improved caregiver
safety. Germicide activation is so easy that there’s no
need to open the liner, for practically effortless protection
against contamination exposure.
• Germicide* delivers a high concentration of available
(free) chlorine to help effectively inactivate blood borne
pathogens (E. coli, Clostridium difficile,
Staphylococcus aureus, Hepatitis A, B and C (Virus),
and HIV) resulting in enhanced safety
• Built-in, prefilled and fully closed germicide liners never
need to be opened, creating a closed suction system
for the best protection against contamination
• Durable 100% leak tested seamless liners
minimize exposure risk.

Activate gerimcide without opening the
liner prior to inserting liner into RECEPTAL
canister. Simply hold the built-in, prefilled
vial already located inside the liner, flip the
top and pour within the liner without ever
touching the vial. Germicide vial is built into the liner and is not
removable, activate inside the liner.

Prefilled Germicide Liners for Definitive Protection 
12g of TCCA germicide deliver high concentration levels of available chlorine of 5,400 ppm at volumes of 2000 mL, inactivating pathogens both during and after procedures, abating the risk of contamination.
* Anti-reflux valve on patient port prevents germicide and waste fluid contamination
exposure risk.
* VAC-GARD® Shut-off Valve eliminates 99.9% of pseudomonas and prevents backflow of aerosols and fluids into the vacuum system, reducing the risk of contamination.
* Anti-foaming emulsion prevents froth formation and aerosolization to provide better safety control, while maximizing fluid capacity.

Available chlorine Microorganisms Inactivation Exposure Time
<5 ppm Vegetative bacteria in seconds1,2
E. coli 0157:H7 in <1minute13
Hepatitis A (Virus) in approx. 16 minutes11
Giardia (Parasite) in approx. 45 minutes11
100 ppm 99.9% of B. atrophaeus spores within 5 minutes4,5
Mycotic agents in <1 hour6
106-107 Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, and P. aeruginosa in <10 minutes9
200 ppm 25 different viruses were inactivated in 10 minutes8
1,000 ppm M. tuberculosis3
2,.500 ppm Inactivate at least 1.5 log TCID50 TCID HIV/mL10
5,000 ppm Inactivate 106 Clostridium difficile spores in ≤10 minutes7
Hepatitis B and C (Virus)12


Ordering Information
Item Code Description Quantity/Unit
0G661 2000 mL Liner with VAC-GARD and 12g germicide (Compatible with RECEPTAL® 2000 mL Canister 43445-01) 50/Case



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