TUTA Needle Free Injection Port
* Straight, exceptionally wide (Non-Haemolytic) fluid path results in high flow rates
* Very low priming volume (Minimal Deadscape)
* Nearly immeasurable fluid displacement

Controlling Infection Rates
Split Septum Needleless Connectors assist in meeting the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard by providing engineering
controls which isolate or remove the hazard of bloodborne pathogen exposure from the workplace. These engineering
controls coupled with work practice controls aid in eliminating or minimizing exposure which conform with paragraph (d)(2)(i)
in OSHA’s Methods of Compliance. 29 CFR 1910.1030, December 1991

The Needle Free Injection Port is also incorporated into a variety of sets and manifolds and available with gravity activated back-check valves to prevent retrograde flow.
The valve can be purchased as a standalone item or as part of a complete product line of various sets and manifolds.


Set Type Gravity
Overall Lenght n/a
Filter none
Tubing Bore (ID) n/a
Priming Volume 0.09ml
Carton Quality 100
Shelf Life 3 years
DEHP Status DEHP-Free
GMDN 42631
ARTG 235965



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